Double Agent
  1. 1. Mooji: How Long (Leadbelly Remix) TEASER
12 February 2014

Future Music

“One of the most distinctive and original albums of the year, with a unique and unaffected sound, discovering and exploring new and uncharted territory… Trippy, druggy and rich in thick, intoxicating layers, this intense album sucks you deep into Mooji’s world… A truly singular artist, clearly more interested in his output than the fame it could yield, Mooji could well be bending our minds for years and decades to come.”   
18 January 2014


“Kramnik has already established quite a following in Europe and with productions like this, it’s easy to see why he’s so respected.”
03 December 2013


“Probably the best EP we’ve listened to this year, because of its complexity, because of its sound, because of its harmonies, because of its mixture of impossible elements, because of its artistic approach to electronic music… because of its bold and daring sound, all I can say is that this is simply unbeatable. A real piece of jewelry that everyone should listen to and see that there is still hope in this thing called electronic music.” 

Mooji: How Long (Leadbelly Remix) TEASER // Mooji - Double Agent
  1. Mooji: How Long (Leadbelly Remix) TEASER // Mooji - Double Agent