20 April 2016

Arena Music

Mooji blends a soulful combination of jazz, funk, blues and more, to build his own unique genre. It’s hypnotizing, it’s infectious, it’s like nothing you have ever heard before..
14 April 2016


“Completely uncluttered, “Double Agent” is technically outstanding and sonically way ahead of its game. There are few other musical artists out there who indeed, sound like no one else. And no matter how hard you look you’ll be hard pressed to find a comparison to Mooji. He is unique”
14 April 2016


“Double Agent is fresh, innovative, eclectic, and cool. Make sure you take a listen to Mooji’s masterpiece before everyone does.”
14 April 2016

Modern Mystery

“Within the 8-tracks on the record, Mooji is able to create a sound that is both unique and accessible, bringing together listeners from across the board. Mooji creates captivating music that will move you both spiritually and physically.”
14 April 2016

Paste Magazine

“Mooji is a master at putting together the striking elements of instrumentation, production and vocals within the record; creating a record that proves to be out of the ordinary. Mooji knows how to make a record..”
14 April 2016

Indie Band Guru

Always one to push the boundaries of his abilities, Kramnik wanted more.  He took his music back to basics, with a heavy mix of songwriting, improvisation and live instrumentation.  This new project needed a new name and Mooji finally came to life.

Don’t // Double Agent
  1. Don’t // Double Agent
  2. So Good (Trama Remix) // Double Agent
  3. Medley (Pier Boston Remix) // Double Agent
  4. So Good // Double Agent
  5. Medley // Double Agent